Science Parties

Slime, slime and more slime! - 60 minute party 

Making slime is a big crazy with children at the moment. The slime crazy began in Asian countries such as Thailand and spread throughout the world due to Instagram videos. Lab Rascals scientists has been making slime since 2010. Not only will children get to make two types of slime they will also learn the science behind slime making and hopefully save their parents kitchen from a sticky mess. 

All slime made at our parties is 100% safe and meets EU regulations.

Dry Ice Fun! – 60 minute party

If you have ever wanted to take part in a potions class this is the party for you! During this party you and your guests will make balloons self-inflate, clouds fill a room, potions change colour and bubbles smoke.  

Dry Ice Fun & Bath Bombs! – 2 hour party (including a 30 minute break for party food)

Potions class and fizzy bath bombs; what more could any child want for their special day? Every child takes home two bath bombs which is the perfect addition to your party bags. 

Fog, smoke, bubbling potions & Slime! -2 hour party (including a 30 minute break for party food)

Every child loves making stretchy slime however dry ice is fantastic at creating a real "wow" factor. It's used to create fog for special effects in movies, make ice cream and even freeze of warts. Lab Rascals scientists can not only show you how to slime but show you how to use dry ice to make balloons self-inflate, potions change colour and bubbles smoke. As our parties are 100% hands-on everyone can have ago at doing all these amazing experiments themselves.

All slime made at our parties is 100% safe and meets EU regulations.

Fizzy bath times and Slime! - 2 hour party  (including a 30 minute break for party food) 

Have fun making two types of slime and explore the wonders of the fizz by making your own bubbling bath bombs.

All slime made at our parties is 100% safe and meets EU regulations.

Slippery worms, jiggly slime and smoking potions. -2 hour 30 minutes (including a 30 minute break for party food)

This party has all the “wow” factors of our fog, smoke and bubbling potions party plus much more. You and all your guests will transform seaweed gel into slippery worms, glue into jiggly and stretchy slime, pop bubbles filled with smoke and make potions you would only see on a movie set.

All slime made at our parties is 100% safe and meets EU regulations.

Party Bags

 All our party bags contain: A large glow stick, bouncy ball, bouncy putty, balloon car, slime thrower and two bags of sweets. £2.95 per bag.


We cover a 60 mile driving distance from the Hull city centre. 

All parties are suitable for children aged 5-14 years. 

Children must be of school age in order to take part in the experiments due to health and safety. 

All experiments are suitable to be done in your home or village hall.

We require access to water, power and tables for all the children to stand around while doing their experiments.

 We provide table cloths and floor coverings so no mess is left behind. 

Children are provided with lab coats & safety specs to wear for the party.

All parties are 100% hands-on.

Prices (all prices include VAT)

60 minute parties from £145 

2 hour parties from £180 

2 hour 30 minute parties from £205 

Travel expenses may apply. 



  • Took my 2 boys aged 6 & 9 to the volcano workshop and wow what an experience they loved it and didn't want it to end! will be booking again, staff were so friendly and helpful and made the session so much fun!

    Annalise Walker

  • Brilliant from start to finish!! The children loved it, and the grandparents were equally entertained! Great value for money too. All I needed to do was feed them! Even tidied up before you went home! We have a pair of goggles here which I can post to you xx

    Gemma Bradley

  • My Daughter attended the Candy Chaos session at Bilton Village Hall today. Booking was very easy and quick. The staff were very friendly even taking the time to talk to the parents at the end of the session explaining what the children did and i enjoyed sampling the sherbet im also the bookings clerk of the hall that was used today. Katie and the team were very friendly and left the hall in an immaculate state once finished!!

    Read more ...


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