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Inspiring Hands-on School Workshops!

Get ready to explore the wonders of science in a fun and way with our hands-on science workshops! Led by highly experienced and DBS checked scientists with over 12 years of expertise, you're in for an exciting and educational experience like no other!

Working in Lab
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Interactive Planetarium Shows!

We offer an exciting and educational experience for schools with our 5 different 35-45 minute shows. Our mobile dome can be brought directly to your school, making it the perfect in-school enrichment opportunity for all children. Our dome can hold approximately 32 children and our shows cover a range of topics, from the solar system to the ice worlds, designed to engage and inspire young minds. Book your school's visit today and give your students an unforgettable journey through the cosmos!

Hands-on Amazing Children's Science Parties

Our hands-on science parties have been recognised with awards and have received 100% positive feedback since we established them in 2012. Led by real scientists, these parties are suitable for children aged 5 and up and offer a range of experiments for children to choose from making them engaging and fun. It's no wonder that many children have more than one party with us!



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