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Excited Children in Science Class


Our Hands on workshops

Our hands-on workshops run for 45-50 minutes (plus a 10-15 minute changeover) per session, with the exception of the Wow Factor Taster Day and Wind Power. All workshops can be conducted in any classroom with mains power and water (a sink). Each session can accommodate up to 32 children.


This workshop features four incredible hands-on experiments that will leave a lasting impression on your students. Watch as they inflate balloons using dry ice sublimation, observe their awe as they create clouds, and listen to their excitement as they dissolve carbon dioxide in a pH indicator solution that changes colour. These experiences are sure to be talked about for years to come.




A fun and engaging activity for children is to create creative models of volcanoes and simulate eruptions using dry ice. This activity is a step up from the more common vinegar/bicarbonate ones, as it has a longer and more diverse eruption process that doesn't produce any unpleasant smells. The volcanoes will rumble, shake, emit a large gas cloud, and spew bubbly lava, providing a playful and educational experience. This workshop is best suited for students in school years 2-6.


Experience the joy of long chains of molecules, commonly called polymers, with your students through exciting and hands-on activities like making slime, exploring seaweed extracts, and using powder/gels found in nappies to clean up water spills. Polymers are ubiquitous and have a significant impact on our daily lives. Numerous scientists specialize in this area and have made incredible discoveries and inventions. 
This workshop is suitable for students of all school years.

Rock Face


Let's discover various rocks and minerals that can be found in our local surroundings. Your students can sort them by appearance, and texture, and conduct scientific tests for analysis. This workshop is suitable for all grade levels.


Experience the true potential of wind energy with Lego. Encourage your students to construct their own wind turbines, explore the mechanisms that harness wind power to generate electricity, and analyze the various factors that influence its efficiency. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to charge an electric Lego car with the energy produced by their turbines and witness it in motion!

This workshop is a comprehensive morning session that can accommodate up to 30 students, designed for those in school years 5-9.

Wind Turbines


Would your students be interested in assisting our scientists in replicating George's Marvelous Medicine? 

During this workshop, students will conduct four hands-on experiments aimed at recreating George's observations during the medicine's cooking process. These experiments will include creating froth and foam, producing blue smoke, generating fiery and fearsome smells, and generating bright sparks.

This workshop is open to students of all school years.


This workshop is designed to accommodate more children and provide them with an opportunity to explore the wonders of science. The shorter sessions, lasting for 30 minutes each, are perfect for up to 32 children per session from all school years.


Witness their amazement as they blow up balloons with dry ice, observe the joy on their faces as the solutions change colour, and hear them squeal with excitement during a massive dry ice eruption.


Workshop Requirements 

· The same classroom or area throughout the visit.

· Access to a wash sink & mains power.

· A maximum of 32 children (single class) per session.

· 30 minutes set up and 30 minutes pack away time.

· 10-15 minutes change over time between sessions.

· No steps or stairs unless a lift is available.

· Car parking space with a safe loading and unloading area.

Funny little girl doing experiments in the laboratory. Explosion in the laboratory. Scienc

Book your Lab Rascals hands-on science experience today!
Half day: 3*50 minute sessions, Full day: 5*50 minute sessions, wow factor taster day: up to 9* 30 minute sessions
Travel expenses: 0.45p per mile from/to Barton upon Humber (DN18)

No payment will be taken on booking. Invoices will be sent to your school with a 28 day payment terms on receipt of services.


"Wow today’s shows were absolutely incredible.  You handled lots of questions extremely well and differentiated between the year groups marvelously. All the kids  had a brilliant time, as did I!  Can’t wait to have you in again next year!"

Mr Johnson

“Thank you once again for your visit to Coomb Briggs Primary School this morning. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and took a lot of new knowledge and learning from it - all whilst having fun! The session was well prepared and planned for, and your staff were encouraging and supportive of all children.”

Miss Nicholson

 I just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant slime workshop. Our children loved it - we are still getting some positive feedback from parents

Mrs Abbs

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