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Our planetarium shows!

Our Lab Rascals portable planetarium hosts 40-minute shows that can be set up in any spacious indoor area with a clean, smooth floor measuring 6 by 7 meters, a clear ceiling height of 3.5 meters, and access to mains power. It can hold up to 32 primary-aged children and two teachers.

Sun and the planets of our Solar system on starry space background. Image elements furnish

Our Solar System

Join us on an exciting adventure through our solar system, exploring everything from the sun to Pluto in the Kuiper Belt. As we journey through each planet, we'll discover fascinating facts and even visit some lesser-known moons. Get ready for a mind-blowing space experience filled with countless "wow" moments!


Stars & Planets

Discover the wonders of stars - their origins and more - in our Stars show. Explore the constellations, hear captivating stories, and journey through a nebula to witness the birth of newborn stars. We'll also delve into our very own star, the sun, and its significance to our planet and the rest of our solar system. This show is perfect for younger audiences.

Image by NASA

The Apollo Story! 

Experience an enthralling historical documentary that highlights the groundbreaking accomplishments of the Apollo program, revealing the extensive effort required to successfully land the first human on the Moon. 

This captivating show educates a new generation on the incredible obstacles that were overcome, motivating and inspiring them to aspire to become explorers, designers, engineers, thinkers, and dreamers of the future.

Image by Cornelius Ventures

Ice Worlds

For generations, scientists have been exploring the delicate balance of ice, water, and life. By studying the ecosystems thriving in the Arctic and Antarctic regions, we can understand how their survival is intertwined with our own. We'll also explore how ice shapes the landscape and natural systems on other planets and moons in our Solar System, expanding our understanding beyond Earth.

Image by Osama Elsayed

The Seven Wonders

Travel back in time and behold the magnificent ancient wonders of the world in their former glory from thousands of years ago. Visit the Great Pyramid, marvel at the towering Colossus, and discover the rest of the Seven Wonders of the world. We'll delve into the theories behind their creation and catch a glimpse of some of the universe's most astounding marvels. This program has won four Telly Awards and two Communicator Awards, and is narrated by Sean Bean, famous for his role in The Lord of the Rings films.



  • A large, indoor space with a smooth, clean floor area of 6 by 7m and a clear ceiling height of 3.5m .

  •  Access to mains power.

  •  A maximum of 25 secondary or up to 32 primary-aged children plus two teachers. 

  • 30 minutes set up and 30 minutes pack away time.

  • 40 minutes show time per session/class

  • No steps or stairs unless a lift is available.

  • A car parking space with a safe loading and unloading area.

Book Your next out of this world Planetarium visit today!
Half day: up to 4 shows, Full day: up to 7 shows. The number of shows is dependent on hall access.
Travel expenses: 0.45p per mile from/to Barton upon Humber (DN18)
No payment is taken on booking. Invoices are sent to your school o
n receipt of services with a 28 day payment terms. 


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


It may have been a small step into the planetarium but it was certainly a giant leap for our learning. 
Thank you, we now have so much more knowledge about what the solar system is like.

The Parks Academy - Hull

We all absolutely loved our sessions today; the comments from other staff on the ooo and aah noises they heard from outside proves it was a total success! Thank you!

Scartho Junior Academy - Grimsby

Wow! Thank you lab rascals
I know our Class's thoroughly enjoyed their Planetarium experience today! The imagery was absolutely superb!

Bridgeview Special School - Hull

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