Single hands on workshop

50 minutes science workshops for children age 5 years and above.

  • 1 hour
  • £180 + travel
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Service Description

These 50 minute workshops involve all children do a minimum of two experiments. We require a standard classroom or hall, tables, access to water, and mains power. States of Matter (KS1- KS3) Exciting dry ice experiments and “wow “ factor demos. Explore solids, liquids and gases, evaporating, condensing, melting, sublimation and freezing. Dry Ice Volcanoes (KS1- KS3) These volcanoes are amazing. They rumble before erupting to simulate an earthquake, produce a large gas cloud and lava. Discover plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes and natural disasters. Polymers (KS1- KS3) Explore polymers, which are found everywhere, from our food, clothes and even slime. Experiment with material properties, man-made & natural materials and create new materials. DNA (KS2- KS3) Discover the code for all living life by making models and extracting DNA. Create an understanding of genetic coding, chromosomes, inheritance and defects. Hands-on Workshops Requirements Tables without chairs. Access to a wash sink & mains power. A maximum of 30 children per session. 30 minutes set up and 30 minutes pack away time. 15 minutes change over time between sessions. No steps or stairs unless a lift is available. The same room throughout the duration of our visit. How we plan to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission during our visit. Social Distancing To minimise the risk of Covid-19 all children will be located 2 metres away from the presenters. Tables will be set out in a horseshoe formation with the presenters in the centre and children around the outside. Children will be asked to step back away from the tables when staff are handing out and collecting in equipment. Personal Protective Equipment Visors – To be worn by Lab Rascals staff at all times. Face Masks – To be worn when handing out or collecting in equipment. Hand Washing Everyone is to wash their hands at the beginning of each workshop, before lunch and at the end of the day. Washing Equipment All equipment is to be washed and sanitised after each use. Desks are to be disinfected after/before each session. To ensure everything is cleaned correctly between sessions extra time is required.

Cancellation Policy

Full payment is require for all cancellations made under 7 days of the due date.

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